Update June 2020:

What a few months! We definitely welcome the news of how well we have controlled the spread of SARS-CoV-2. We do still have some health guidelines to work within. We can only have 4 people in our waiting room and one client in the consult room. This includes people who pop in to pick up medication or food. So we ask for just one adult to bring in a pet. We know that this is not always possible, so let us know if you need to bring someone with you and we'll make sure we book it at a time where we don't compromise safety (or get ourselves a very large fine...)

If you are unwell in any way, or need to isolate for contact reasons, we will still see your pet! We just need to take extra precautions and will either see them in our back courtyard or take them in from your car. Give us a call and we will work out the safest approach for everyone.

Our goal is to practice, with compassion, the highest quality medicine and surgery while emphasising patient care and client education. We have been setting this standard for compassionate, professional pet care since 1959 and will continue to do so for all the years to come.

We aim to give you honest advice about what your pet needs and discuss with you all the potential treatment options for your pet and your family.

 The photographs above were kindly provided by Reyment Photographics.
You can find them at http://reymentphoto.com.au/

Coorparoo Veterinary Clinic

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