The clinic offers grooming on Monday's with Rhiannon who is a qualified groomer who can complete all breed clips Poodles, Schnauzers, Bichons etc. as well as the oh so cute teddy clip. 

Rhiannon always makes sure to keep an eye out for any health issues such as ear infections or lumps and bumps that can occur from time to time. She is passionate about starting grooming when puppies are young and making the experience as positive as possible from the get go with lots of treats and praise!

The best age to start grooming your puppy is around 12 weeks. The first clip recommended is a tidy up. This involves nail trimming, ear plucking/cleaning, brushing, clipping hair from the footpads, bum, belly and groin as well as trimming hair out of the eyes and some light scissoring of the face and feet. 

This way your puppy gets used to the process of grooming without the groom taking as long as a full body clip, as there is already so much for them to take in!

Weekly brushing and 8 weekly grooming prevents the coat from becoming matted and starting to brush your puppy before the knots occur means that your puppy will learn to love being brushed.

*Small/Medium breeds only*

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